Given below are the frequently asked questions. Please check for your query accordingly!
How do I place an order?
Go to the product menu, select the item that you want. Fill in the options with respect to paper, quantity, sides you want to get printed, design (if you already have any), email address and click on, “order now”.
The next step involves payment. Follow the instructions regarding payment transfer. After you are done with it, a confirmation email shall be sent that would include a reference number. It indicates that your order has been confirmed. Reference number shall be used by you for further communicating with our team. If you still find it difficult to place an order, please contact us.
When do I pay?
If you are placing an order via the website, you will have to pay before your order has been confirmed. However, in the case of quote, our team shall send you a payment link after you confirm the order.
How shall I pay?
We provide an online payment mechanism. You will be given instructions. In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact us.
What is the order cut off time?
Here are the things you need to know:
  • If your order involves PDF and is placed before 5 pm and approved before 6 pm, it shall be processed on a similar day. Cut off time for placement of the order is 5 pm if no proof is needed. However, for TAT orders, they must be approved before 3 pm on a similar day when they are placed.
  • Again, with no requirement of proof, the order should be placed before 5 pm. This does not apply to TAT orders.
How will I get my invoice?
Your invoice number is present in the confirmation email that is sent to you when the order is confirmed. You can also check any of your invoices by going to the customer section and searching for the job-related category.
What is meant by artwork bleed?
Bleed is meant to provide the tolerance in the process of printing and hand trimming, white edges appear that give a rough look. This can be fixed by extending the background color or image beyond the design. We recommend the extension of 5mm. This prevents the design from ruining when the edges are cut off after printing. Artwork bleed, therefore, it is an important trick that makes sure the design is produced, printed and cut off in the desired manner.
How can I upload my own design?
An option is directly given to upload your own design whenever you select such an order that involves design. You only have to follow the given instructions. If you encounter any problem while uploading it, please write to us and we shall fix it together.
In which format should I upload my design?
Design can be in press-ready PDF with the font embedded in it, CMYK format having 300dpi as the minimum resolution. Only CMYK is processed by us. If your artwork contains spot colors, those will be converted to CMYK format.
How to prepare the design for upload?
For a quick review, keep following the directions associated with this option. The size of the page makes sure that your design is on the right page size. Our standard page sizes can be downloaded from the guide. Make sure there is a minimum of 3mm extension for sake of artwork bleed. A 4mm clearance from trim size with respect to images and text is recommended.
As far as the processing of colors is concerned, four universal colors, cyan, magenta, black and yellow, are there in the printing industry. If you are not using any fifth color (spot color), your file must have these four colors. If you intend to incorporate Pantone for filling, do not forget to convert pantones to CMYK or use Pantone for processing. Carefully do the Pantone filling as color shifts happen.
With respect to font processing, make sure that whatsoever font you use, it is embedded in creating PDF. When you use a different font that falls outside the range of “normal”, creates text into curves, outlines and paths depending on the software that you are using.
Flattening option flattens the layers present in design even before it is converted to PDF. This is helpful as the bugs related to drop shadows, feather, external plug, and embossing, vanish away when processed afterward. The size of the file also reduces and hence processing time boosts up.
Overprint is a step where the design appears to be perfect on screen but when it is printed, nothing is worse. For example, when solid black areas of images are seen through. Therefore, it is imperative that you carefully check the settings of the overprint before pressing. Modern page layout programs such as Pre-press and Acrobat already have PDF overprint preview for this purpose. Make sure to turn on “Overprint Preview” to give it a reality check. For windows, press shift+Control+7 and for Mac, press Shift+Command+7. These are some awesome tricks as they save you from big and expensive headaches.
Talking about booklets, they must be one-sided and not created as spreadsheets. Also, be careful when you are about to blend colors. We have noticed that one color, when set at 100%, fades to white or either 0% when blended. Please avoid such blends because they produce weird banding of colors. You may find it interesting but it does not show colors when printed and there is no 0% of any color in the printing world.
Make sure to put it at least on 1% when blending, and in this way, you can avoid blending issues.
Resolution images are preferable in 300dpi and should be at least up to 200dpi. Less resolution than this shall not produce standard quality. Too much long files slow down processing.
How to reduce the size of the file?
If your file needs to be re-sized in any way, we recommend you follow the below-given instructions:
  • A file can be enlarged to 120 percent of its genuine size in the application. Do not extend it beyond this because enlarging beyond the given quantity shall ruin its quality.
  • When it is about reducing the size, 75% of its genuine size is recommended. If you reduce it further, it becomes a 23MB file which means that less processing time it will need.
How can I keep track of my order?
We keep updating our honorable clients via emails whenever the status of their order changes. You can also use the invoice number for tracking your order.
What about delivery?
As soon as the order is dispatched, details regarding the courier company are sent to you by our team. You can use those details on that courier’s website and can keep an eye on your parcel.
Do your services include white label products?
Yes, we do and we take pride in it. All the orders are dealt with as a white label and we make sure that our branding does not appear. If you have any further queries regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us.